Puzzle Peak - Take The Climb

Quirky Shaped Pieces

The more jigsaw puzzles I work on the more I learn that puzzle pieces come in an eclectic array of shapes.

Problem Solved

I had experienced one too many times of my puzzle box falling over.

Fun With Shapes

I recently completed the round shaped puzzle, Positivity, by eeBoo and I absolutely loved it!

Is Puzzling A Seasonal Thing?

As spring turns to summer, do you work on jigsaw puzzles as much as you did in the cooler months? Is working on a puzzle strictly an indoor, cold w...

Put It Away Or Soldier On

What do you do when you find yourself completely overwhelmed with the jigsaw puzzle you selected to work on?

It's All In The Box

When I shop for a jigsaw puzzle, take a look at my personal stock pile or the great inventory we have at Puzzle Peak, I am amazed at how excited I ...

To Sort Or Not To Sort, Yep That Is The Question

Years ago, my husband had bought me a set of colorful puzzle sorting trays, but I just could not come up with a sorting system. Is it by shape, by ...

Your Jigsaw Puzzle Experience

Once you select the jigsaw puzzle you want to work on, what is your next step?

Selecting A Jigsaw Puzzle

What is it that guides your mouse to click on a jigsaw puzzle or your hand to grab a box off a shelf?

Why I Created Puzzle Peak

I have a love for jigsaw puzzles which started about 5 years ago to help calm my anxiety. Read more here . . .