Put It Away Or Soldier On

What do you do when you find yourself completely overwhelmed with the jigsaw puzzle you selected to work on?

You choose a puzzle that looks like it will be fun and challenging and then engage in your sorting or non-sorting ritual. Let the games begin! Piece by piece you think, “This is going great, this will be so cool when I finish.” In your mind you are already fast forwarding to the idea of framing it or keeping it out for a while to show your family and friends.

But then, you hit a snag. The pieces are not fitting well. You are having the toughest time finding that piece that would complete the little bird’s head in the puzzle image. And you cannot seem to find another section of the puzzle to work on that is pulling you in with excitement. What do you do?

I tend to crumble it up, put it back in the box, and hide it on the bottom of my to do pile. I can reexamine this monster at a much later date. However, many fellow jigsaw puzzlers soldier on and find a way to get it done. For me, puzzles are all about relaxation and a good time. If they bring me stress, then it is not achieving the purpose in which I engage in jigsaw puzzles. Having said that, I honor those who can muster the courage to move forward and make those pieces work and come together.

Do you soldier on or put that jigsaw puzzle away for another day of torturous fun?