To Sort Or Not To Sort, Yep That Is The Question

You know that excitement you feel when you tear off the cellophane of a new jigsaw puzzle or open a box of a puzzle you completed long ago? Is it followed with continued excitement or anxiety in facing the unsorted pile of pieces staring back at you?

Personally, seeing all the unsorted pieces is my favorite part of puzzling. The feel of the puzzle pieces (especially the brands with the least amount of puzzle dust) and seeing the shapes and colors, heightens my puzzle experience. I genuinely love this challenge of sorting out the edge pieces! Finding and connecting them into the square, rectangle or shaped puzzle that will soon become my jigsaw accomplishment.

However, the fun of sorting stops there for me. I do not sort any further. I am a take from the box puzzler. Yep, I leave all the pieces in the box and rummage through the pieces to find the one I need. I just need to know my puzzle pieces are together, safe and sound in their puzzle box. This I am sure may sound very strange to many fellow jigsaw puzzlers.

Years ago, my husband had bought me a set of colorful puzzle sorting trays, but I just could not come up with a sorting system. Is it by shape, by color? Figuring out how and what to sort created the anxiety I was trying to dissolve by working on a jigsaw puzzle in the first place.

So, tell me . . . To Sort? Or Not To Sort?