Problem Solved

One too many times I had experienced my puzzle box falling over on the table while trying to get a better view of the cover image while working on my jigsaw puzzle. And laying the puzzle poster flat on the table and having to strain my neck and eyes did not add joy to my puzzling pastime.

That's when my husband and I created The Jigsaw Puzzle Box Stand with its unique built-in lip to not only securely prop up the puzzle box, but to also prop up the puzzle poster!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! No, not because we created it (well yes), but because it works. It truly solves the problem of securely supporting my box and puzzle poster, so I don't need to think twice about the vase, statue, or other home décor item I once used as a box prop.

Think about it. You have this beautiful puzzle image on the box, but laying it down on the table makes it impossible to see due to glare or table space. You prop up the box with a makeshift item (MacGyver would be proud), but the box falls down every time you make the slightest move. And let us not forget the handy poster that comes with many puzzles. Do you tape it up or slide it around the table?

With The Jigsaw Puzzle Box Stand those issues go away! Problem solved! Happy days are here again!


The Jigsaw Puzzle Box Stand – created by Puzzle Peak. Patent Pending