Selecting A Jigsaw Puzzle

How do you select a jigsaw puzzle?

When you are shopping on a website, such as Puzzle Peak, or in a store staring at the rows of colorful puzzle boxes with images of landscapes, animals, pop culture collages, how do you make your selection?

Personally, I tend to lean toward collages. 1000 piece boomer styles from Hart Puzzle and White Mountain are my personal favorites as of lately. Prior to collages, I leaned towards colorful mountain range landscapes. 

300, 500, 1000 pieces and up. What is it that guides your mouse to click on a puzzle or your hand to grab a box off a shelf? Does it depend on the mood you are in, a destination you wish you could travel to, or a mental challenge within you?

The next time you select a puzzle, take note of what guided you to make that jigsaw puzzle selection.