Quirky Shaped Pieces

The more jigsaw puzzles I work on the more I learn that puzzle pieces come in an eclectic array of shapes. When it’s a square or rectangular puzzle, we have the flat sided edge piece, and we have knobs and holes, loops and sockets, keys and locks, innies and outies, and male or female.

The crazy fun of puzzles intensifies with the quirky animal shaped pieces, half-moons, boot shapes, pieces sculpted like a worm or hook. I find it quite clever.

I realize that many puzzlers may find these sometimes-awkward shapes to be a puzzle within themselves or simply too agonizing to work with. I wonder what went into the thought process when manufacturing the puzzle with these unique shapes. Is it to stump the puzzler? To help make the assembling of the puzzle last longer by creating another level of inquiry? Or is it simply gaslighting?

I recently assembled Shaggy’s Surf Shop by SunsOut and boy did that have an array of shaped pieces. I loved it!

Share with me your thoughts on puzzle piece shapes. Is it maddening or another level of puzzling fun?