Your Jigsaw Puzzle Experience

Once you select the jigsaw puzzle you want to work on, what is your next step?

Do you have a set location in your home strictly for puzzling? Do you need to clear off the dining table from breakfast or perhaps put away your last puzzle? 

How do you set the right puzzle mood? Do you prefer a sunny spot to work in or a dim area with a table light to illuminate your experience? Do you puzzle alone or with a puzzle partner?

I enjoy sitting alone at my dining room table where I can see and hear the activities of my family, but still have the ability to tune it all out and focus. Puzzling is my time to calm things down, engage with the image of my impending creation, and to forget about the time on the clock.

I generally puzzle at night, so the overhead lighting is usually a nuisance (my next blog post may be to inquire on table lights), but I love the feeling of ending a busy day and settling into my chair with the night sky out the window. Of course, this blissfulness is jarred throughout the night by letting the dogs out multiple times or my needing a snack or two or three.

So, how do YOU settle in for puzzle time?