It's All In The Box

When I shop for a jigsaw puzzle, take a look at my personal stock pile or the great inventory we have at Puzzle Peak, I am amazed at how excited I get from simply looking at the puzzle boxes.

There are square and rectangle boxes in different dimensions in height. There are boxes with a linen paper feel, high gloss boxes, and boxes where the puzzle image covers the entire box like a poster. I'm not sure if I have a favorite. But I love to see all the puzzle images, including the side panel information, the back of the box that may have additional images, or a backstory on the artist. For me, it truly is just like roaming a book store and seeing the mass selection of book covers.

I like a sturdy box that I know will hang in there with me through the numerous times I work on the puzzle and put it away and take it out again. Personally, I rely on the puzzle box every step of the way when working on a puzzle. I marvel at those who can complete a puzzle without looking at the picture!

Share with me your feelings when you see a new puzzle box for the first time.