Is Puzzling A Seasonal Thing?

As spring turns to summer, do you work on jigsaw puzzles as much as you did in the cooler months? Is working on a puzzle strictly an indoor, cold weather and cozy up near a fire activity, or is it a year-round form of relaxation?

For me, it is a year-round activity that helps clear my mind and find my solitude. I enjoy working on a puzzle on my dining room table, looking out the window and seeing the snow fall just as much as when I move my puzzle outside to the patio table. The quiet alone time while working on a puzzle is just as important to me when the warm sun is shining as when the cold snow is falling. I need puzzles to calm my anxiety and help me feel grounded and this is a year-round need.

However, I do find myself selecting more whimsical and vibrant colors during the warmer months, not sure if that is due to my brain focusing on all the colorful flowers and swim floats. It is hard to work on a snowy village puzzle scene when there are beachballs and inflatable pink flamingos outside in a pool.

Would love to hear from my fellow jigsaw puzzlers. Does the weather affect the number of puzzles you work on and the puzzles you select?